If anyone wants to send me an email or chat with gmail. Please send a message in the comment section below or above, Looks like a circle with an arrow. I see them first and they don’t go up automatically. I do use gmail sometimes. There is a chat option there. I haven’t tried the social media yet on gmail, or you can give me a call or I can call back or send a letter by regular mail. Thanks. If the comment section doesn’t always work here, I will set up another email section.

Sometimes you got to register for an account first, before making a comment. Here’s another way to reach me. I had learned it was better not to put an email address as sometimes there are bots that look for them and then spam starts to happen. This one might require you to write it down. I had to remove one e to get the username.


The comment section is not working. Other html codes I put in don’t work either so I might have to keep looking.


I had to use a different computer so I got to listen to some music while doing some work. I haven’t even really checked the lyrics yet, just heard them once. I noticed that some songs sound almost native. I don’t get all the songs but just when I remember to write the names down.

I have been still looking around online seeing what is happening there. I guess I can say, at least I am getting some ideas on how to wear make up properly. I used to get these liquid eyeliners and my eyes would hurt trying to put them under my eyes, not knowing they go on top.  My eyelashes are not straight, they stick up all over the place why I can’t wear falsies. I guess I could try harder.  I kind of lack the patience.  I might just yank out my eyelashes out it gets very itchy, like wanting to scratch. I am not sure if I can actually try this liquid eyeliner the proper way without poking my eye out. Jk I might give it a try.  I guess I get some style tips.

I see a lot of women.  I sometimes want to take a few pics and post them somewhere else, help some guys hey check this one out. Jk.

Once in awhile, I see some good looking guys. I saw a guy with a medical background, wow close to a 1000 hits.  I guess the women love the outfit or the stethoscope.

I can’t really comment too much as I don’t wish to make anyone jealous so I just admire from a far and in the middle of the night when ever one is asleep I go check them out..eh jk. That’s why I can’t sleep..jk.  No, I don’t do that but I just remember them.

I have been trying or was trying to reach my mom at the place she was staying for awhile…that was difficult. I finally had to call the guard twice to ask the other one to answer the phone, it turns out that they can’t or don’t transfer calls. It is a place where people stay when they are done their appointments and are ready to catch the flight home.

I have been having some connection problems as some family members don’t use the phone but only use messenger. I guess the only way to find out what is going on is to get out there. I didn’t have enough oil for the machine so I was using it only sparingly. I think everything is fine now.  It was just an unusual set of circumstances, I guess I should be glad they were getting cared for but I just was trying to find out if I could  find an escort but I didn’t have time. It turns out my parents were not alone but I didn’t know.  I found out later. I guess I just wanted to know.



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